Why Do American Women Get Fat? – Addressing the Root Causes of High Body Fat and Poor Health

The average American woman is about 32% body fat (and rising), which medically is considered obese. The average American woman is a size fourteen and experiences a variety of premature medical conditions. We need to confront the fact that poor nutrition and lack of exercise usually trigger our weight difficulties as well as some of the medical predicaments we find ourselves facing. However, the methods we use to confront these issues are extreme, to say the least. Instead of trying to gain control over our “fat” problem the right way, we have become desperate, seeking out programs and products that only end up as major disappointments-creating multiple health risks and costing us tons of money.So how did this happen? Women gain body fat and ruin their health through five main avenues; these comprise the “Five Factors Affecting Body Fat and Health”.Factor #1: Liquid Consumption Too many poor liquid choices add unnecessary and empty calories to the American diet, and an inadequate water intake leaves women dehydrated, unhealthy, bloated, and fat. This includes coffee drinks, tea with sugar, soda, powdered soft drinks and other sugary drinks, non-fresh juice, poor quality meal replacement drinks, and alcohol. What women drink can make or break a diet-causing health issues and weight gain!Factor #2: Quantity and Distribution of Calories o Daily caloric intake: The average American woman goes one extreme or the other-overeating (over 3000 calories per day, except for athletes, young girls, women with an extremely high metabolism or a medical condition that warrants high calories) or undereating (under 1000 calories per day). Both of which can have the same outcome for all women-obesity and/or poor health.o Daily nutrient ratio (protein/carbohydrates/fat): Proper nutrition requires all of the essential nutrients including, water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Most diet plans do not establish the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The wrong nutrient ratio in a woman’s daily diet can have a major impact on body fat, health, moods, and energy.o Number of meals and meal timing each day: Here is another area that women miss the mark. Most women think they are doing themselves a favor by not eating all day, but by dinnertime they are starving and often overeat-allowing their calories to be stored as fat as opposed to being used for their intended purpose (health and energy). Woman also have a tendency to skip meals all day, allowing their blood glucose level to be unstable making it impossible to lose fat and have adequate energy throughout the day.o Meal size: Portion control is an enormous problem in the American diet-we super size everything except for water! The human body can only assimilate so much in one sitting and the rest will be stored as FAT! In fact, calories consumed in excess of the body’s needs are stored as fat (in our fat cells-around our internal organs and visible places like a woman’s hips, butt, thighs, abdominal, and arms).Factor #3: Quality and Purity of Calories Calories are our friend, however, the wrong kind of calories will do harm (make women fat and sick-the opposite of fit and healthy)! Calories that are not wholesome and do not promote mental, spiritual, and physical well-being include:
Fat calories
Unhealthy calories
Dirty calories
Impure calories
Old and dead calories
Non-kosher calories
Factor #4: Restrictive and Unbalanced Dieting Because most women look for quick-fix solutions to our obesity and poor-health epidemic, we buy into gimmicks and false promises. We subscribe to dangerous pills and special packaged foods. We suffer needlessly. Sometimes we lose weight only to “rebound”-gaining more weight than when we started and usually at the expense of our health and sanity. We end up confused and more desperate. So instead of seeking the proper way to lose weight, we start the cycle all over again.Factor #5: Lack of ExerciseLack of exercise is a major factor in women’s health problems and is a main reason why women “get fat” in the first place. We are a “remote-control” country where most American’s lack physical activity and are frequently either distracted or too lazy to exercise.So what can we women do? We can stop all the confusion and even help the next generation of girls and young women. Instead of settling for our current condition and seeking a quick-fix product or program, we can get healthy & fit once and for all the right way by searching for accurate knowledge and by disciplining ourselves. We can stop putting band-aids on a serious problem and attack the root causes (“Five Factors Affecting Body Fat and Health”) of why we are overweight and not at our full potential for optimal health.How can we attack the root causes? Women who want to feel, look, and function better can dissect each of the “Five Factors” and fix them to create a “New American Diet and Exercise Plan” that can be implemented to ensure the prevention of high body fat and poor health. And for those women who are already overweight and are suffering from diet-caused health issues can make the same changes to lose fat and regain health again!Here is an outline on how ALL women can fix the “Five Factors”: Factor #1: Monitor liquid consumption: Consume plenty of water each day and proper amounts of other liquidsFactor #2: Calculate the quantity and distribution of calories: Eat according to your metabolism, goals, and activity level.Factor #3: Determine the quality and purity of calories: Eat pure and wholesome foods.Factor #4: Eliminate restrictive and unbalanced dieting forever.Factor #5: Introduce a balanced exercise regimen.By using this approach WE WOMEN CAN ALWAYS BE lean, fit, healthy, and live more productive, happier, and longer lives.